Top Card Strategy and best tips for players

Clash Royale is a real time game that has made many people crazy. Some are trying to learn the game, while others have gained experience by playing the game over and over again. Also, there are many players who love to use hack tools to obtain Clash Royale free gems to improve the game and have all the fun.

Clash Royale is not about the strength of the cards you own, but it is also about the rarity of the troops, basically it is all about strategy. Knowing the strength, counters and weakness can certainly help you win the game. The knowledge of how to go about it, going with the best troop along with a perfect strategy, you get a sure success formula.

Strategies – Popular cards

Supercell and their team are involved in launching new cards mostly in every two weeks. Apart from the release of new cards, they balance the updates that lead to nerf or buff a spell, troop or a building.

With all incoming new cards and new updates, the game is changing constantly. You need to be always on the move to be in the game. Sometimes even a minor change in nerf on the favourite troop can knock it out. It is recommended that you utilize the 3 decks you can already build in the game. Master all of them and be ready for the modifications that happen in the game.

Ideally, you need to master the game and not just the card. You need to select a beatdown deck if you want that emphasizes on a cycle deck, a tanker that will allow you to change the units quite fast or may be a counter deck that punishes and shatters the enemy for reaching far. Learning the strategy can be tedious, but with a regular practice you can learn them better.

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