How to Steep an E-Liquid for Optimum Vaping Experience?

Steeping is the process that augments the flavors and qualities of better ejuice. By this process, the separate part of the e-liquid such as the nicotine, flavors, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, and water bond while absorbing oxygen at the same time.  The process of oxidation might change the color of the e-liquid along with the chemical makeup of the ingredient that is used. By the replacement of the volatile elements, steeping triggers off the notes in the flavors along with oxygen that makes the flavor more uniform. In simple words, steeping is quite similar to oxidation. It proves to be more effective for complex and deep flavors like the ones that are custom blended.

How will You Steep an E-Liquid?

There are various commonly used methods for steeping an ejuice. A majority of the people experiment with the different steeping process to find out which process works the best for their e-liquid. The simplest way is to take the bottle of fluid, remove the plastic wrap and the cap, and thereafter store it in a cool and dry place for some days.

Water is used for steeping everything, starting from teabags to foods, for releasing the intense flavor of it. Thus, one of the popular methods is a water bath. For steeping the e-liquid in a warm water bath, you have to get a very warm container and fill it with enough water to submerge the e-liquid bottle halfway.

Now, remove the cap of the bottles that you plan on steeping and set them at the bottom of the container. The make the bottle stand in water still the water attains room temperature. After this, dry the bottles and replace the cap on top of it. When the bottles of e-liquids are ready, you have to store them in a cool and dry place for several days.


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