Two Best Ways to Get Neopoints

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Neopoints are one of the primary currencies used in the virtual pet game called Neopets. This is why having enough neopoints is one of the common goals of all users of this gaming platform. However, getting neopoints is not all that difficult if you know what you are doing. Given below are the two best ways to adding neopoints to your account:

Earning Neopoints

For people who don’t want to spend some real money in the virtual world, earning neopoints is the only way to get them. Neopoints can be earned through contests and by playing games like Volcano Run 2. There are several daily challenges which will reward you with neopoints if you play them enough. Additionally, you can also invest in the stock market or buy items from the auction to sell them at a higher price later. These are some ways you can earn neopoints without having to buy them.

Playing dailies every single day without fail is a good way to earn neopoints without having to spend any real money. You can also invest in the stock market, but you will be required to already have a significant collection of neopoints for this.

Buying Neopoints

However, to earn the neopoints in the ways mentioned above, you have to wait around and spend time looking for the right contest or game. This is why some people prefer to buy neopoints instead of toiling around in the game to earn them. This is quite simple and inexpensive and can elevate the experience of the user manifold. If you have enough neopoints, you will be able to buy any item that you want for your pets and even get food items for them.

Therefore, these are the two methods of earning and keeping up your neopoints count on Neopets.

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